About Us

Suryashobha is a name to cherish in the domain of manufacturing and marketing of 100 percent natural coconut milk powder in kerala.

About Us

Suryashobha is a name to cherish in the domain of manufacturing and marketing of 100 percent natural coconut milk powder in kerala. With 25 years of industrial experience Mr.Suresh kumar & Mrs.Shobha suresh the promoter in lead of surya shobha are genuine entrepreneur. We innovated this unique project through our long years of research and keen observation. The project is fully supported by the coconut developed board, cochin, and the state of the art technology is the brain child of CFTRI mysore ( the center for food technology research of India ) CDB & CFTRIare subsidiary units of yhe government of india.

The production unit is set up at Athani Industrial Development Plot, Thrissur, equipped with a competent team of well trained , self-motivated work force and guided by an outstanding band of management and marketing professionals at the top of these matters, SURYASHOBHA FAMILY is very much proud to let you know that this literally green project with an investment of Rs. 5 crore in apparently the first of this kind in kerala and the second India. The unit provides direct employment to 50 people and indirect employment to 25 people. Upholding the “growth and let others grow along” motto. SURYASHOBHA intends to benefit even the small scale coconut growers.

The pure, natural and ready-mix coconut milk powder is prepared from garden fresh tender nuts procured from across the State. Only the white part of kernals is used to extract milk powder. The3 coconut milk powder processed from the well boiled kernals is packed in INSERTED ALUMINIUM FOIL PACKAGES under remarkably hygienic environment without time lag and brought to market afresh. What is special about it is for your payment worth the cost of ten coconuts you can have milk powder from fifteen nut kernals. Besides SURYASHOBHA assures the natural taste and nutritious value of tender coconut milk.

The R & D wing of SUURYASHOBHA family is well geared to reach your kitchen, this eco – friendly boon of nature that takes you off the tiring chores of scrambling, grinding and squeezing.
Just add the SURYSHOBHA coconut milk powder to a cup of warm water and you get the rich, creamy and ready to use coconut milk. This ideal ready to use SURYASHOBHA coconut milk powder rendered a feel and flavour of Mother Nature to the delicious dishes you enjoy. The product is all set to hit the market soon which you can avail of the grocery shop, supermarkets, hypermarkets, etc.
Basically an EXPORT ORIENTED CONCERN focusing the market abroad SURYASHOBHA, exports 70% of the products and guarantees the same standard and quality product at home. Whatever up gradation comes in future the quality and taste of SURYASHOBHA milk powder will always remains the same. Let you blessings and whole hearted co-operation take us to greater heights in the days to come.

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